I have been missunderstood recently. Other people, I guess, had experienced the same kind of thing one way or another, but why? That is the question. Well I think it is because of a simple fact, we don’t speak clearly. I’m not talking about grammar mistakes, I’m talking about those times when we disguise our words because we don’t want the world to know what is going on behind close doors, that’s why, well at least in my case.

I’m tired of not having a job even though I have a good excuse for it. What is demand from me at home I do it quite well, but I know I’m not the greatest at it and I’m still working on that. But now and then I get tired, I want to bring money to the table, but my only way at the moment it is my writing. It is quite ridiculous, but it is the truth, that’s what I do best. That’s why I create this idea of glimpses, give just a part of one story and try to get attention to the whole thing, but to get to it, you need to pay. Advertising is not free or even cheap so I go to the next best thing: My friends and people that know me. It didn’t work quite well, I didn’t get anything from it. Well that’s not true, I got comments like: “Go for it” those are quite good because it means that I’m not wasting my time. After trying and trying this idea (that I think it is quite creative) I gave up and quit the idea. I thought of something else related to this idea but I haven’t had the chance to see if it works. There is a 99% chance that it won’t work, but I will like to do it either way because it would meant an adventure and something else to write about no matter the result. So gave up that idea, but then it came this week and I wasn’t really good at handle my money, it went out of the window. It is quite hard live day by day and don’t have the opportunity to say yes to some stuff because you have to take care of the little money that you have in your pocket. During the week it is not hard because you entertain yourself with housework, some theraphy that I will start right away with my son later today and with the tv and so on and so on, but when sunday arrives, it would be a mess, it would be hard to live it through. So I tried again my idea of selling my writing at least for the weekend. But in return what I got was missunderstanding.

One friend over here posted some comments in some of my pages and said something, like I care for the money. I like money, who doesn’t. But I don’t write for the money. Yeah! I would like to earn something from it, it would be great, but even if it never happens I will still write. It is one of my scapes, I like the characters I work with, what they can do, what they live, anything it is possible. I love writing, I love it.

Never, never, never missunderstand me. I’m not desperate, if it happens…..happens. Now I’m sure that I don’t need to be pay to call myself a writer, I am a writer. I just went for it.

But also I must say that I’m not mad about his comments, everybody has the right to their comments, to say what is in your mind, to have your own opinion, or as he said to be picky, but I got something good. You see I hate wondering, I hate having doubts, I hate saying that this or that idea arrived so late into my head. I’m always thinking that if this idea of the glimpse or other ones that I have in mind have gotten before into my head like when I was in college, maybe it would have worked, but because of the comments of this particular friend I got to the conclussion that these ideas just arrived. They are not late or on time, they just arrived and it is good because it means that my mind is still working.

That is all for now, kisses to all

~ by Montsserrat on January 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Article”

  1. Well where should I star. Monse!!!!!!!!! I’m very impress with your thought’s, I’m glad that you have found turf to lay them, but it seems to me that you are in this particular article in a deep well, very deep with no way out and the light is just a dim sparkle far away,,,,, Girl you are holding the ladder on your own hands so plaeasee get out and smell the roses.

    • Well RZ this is an article that was written a long time ago as you could see and let me tell you I have smelled the roses quite right and I know in the next year I will smell them much better because I will have a new escape, my job, related to me jus like my writing. In the question of writing and earn something from it; I’m still working on that, besides I’m working on my novel and I have in mind to publish it soon like in a couple of years (2 years max), but thanks for passing by

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