What I missed writing, mentioning on my 17th.Day of truth

Eat Pray Love was a reading that open my eyes to a new world of reading and be in touch with my reading that I never felt possible of happening. I like to read, I’m not your constant reader, but I do from time to time and I enjoy my reading while I’m doing it. Well when this book arrived to me, when I was face to face with the words of Elizabeth Gilbert I couldn’t believe what I was feeling, she was able to take me to all of those places, to Italy where I enjoyed the food and I had a relation with my pizza”, where I felt in love with the sound of words in that different language. She took me to India where I felt the peace and quite and the miracle of praying, where I learned to let go what I needed to let go that didn’t belong no more inside my head or my body. She took me to Bali where I fall in love with the place and of course Felipe, OMG Felipe! Where is that guy, is he the only one out there, is there any other one like him or quite like him? I started wondering. The power of her words did all that and more. I swear you start reading it and you can’t stop doing it, IT’S THAT AMAZING!!!!!. I went to see the movie too and I liked too, the ending of the movie made me understand even better the ending of the book and the meaning of the word Attraversiamo” that means let’s cross over.

Everybody has their own word and I’m trying to find mine. I would like to be that word, that lovely word: “Attraversiamo” but it is not and I know it, I’m still searching. After reading the book I felt the need of getting to know those places, specially Italy & Bali, but that in fact is going to take me a while, but I could find the way to give that path that she wen through without going to those places, so my mission & goal from now is starting my path, my journey and I’m thinking I’m going to start right here at my own place and I hope you join me, but you must know something when I say My Own Place I’m talking about the one in my head, the one I’m searching for; I’m not talking about ownership, but to find a Home because so far I’m living in a House. So next step HOME, but you know what I better go to Italy first, there must be a way to go without traveling, because when I’m talking about HOME sounds more like praying and that happens in India & must stay there, so first Italy where I will fall in love again with my pizza, follow me please, it would be fun and then, who knows in a couple of years I may go to all those places, but I want my India to be Spain and to the journey of Bali that it was kind of like 4months I may spend only half the time and go to Australia where people work to live and not the other way around.



Let me get back to you on that one later on, so what do you say? Do we start that journey? Because I will do it with you or without you.

~ by Montsserrat on January 29, 2011.

One Response to “What I missed writing, mentioning on my 17th.Day of truth”

  1. On this particular page you will find the link to the trailler of eat pray love, when you click on Elizabeth OMG!!!!! It is for me like hearing myself in her words when she talks about the process of writing & two more links related to falling in love with my pizza, attraverssiamo, and of course Felipe.

    Anyway I mentioned on this particular post the thing of knowing your word, what’s your word? I guess from time to time mine is “Complicated” or “The far away girl” “Amuse” might be another one. I’m always falling under the illusion of something or someone; I blame the ARTIST in me, but I know I am the ONE taking the decissions. See you next time…………………………………………….

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