Why the need to read?

Well people over here in my country always have the excuse, the perfect one to tell about why they don’t read, but I’m hopefull that someday people would realized what they are missing by not reading. Reading is cool. To read is to be open to a new world of questions and answers, a world of knowledge, a world of imagination. To read is to be open to any suggestion or idea. Here some images that give you a clue why to read is so important and such a good idea.

This is so true specially when you focus yourself in reading cooking books to get to his heart.

Yeah! That’s right they are sexy; specially when you read them next to someone that is also special.


Exactly! They are fun to read because sometimes they make you realize that your troubles are kind of silly, that there is always a solution.


                           Because most of the times like I said before they open your eyes to cool or wise suggestions

~ by Montsserrat on January 29, 2011.

One Response to “Why the need to read?”

  1. Nowadays I’m reading “Julie&Julia” by Julie Powell. This book is great, it’s also a movie and while reading it for the second time around to get for real this time to the end of the book I can say that because of that book I started writing a blog. Not only because I wanted to get notice, but because I felt that it was a really cool idea. I had done it before, but this time around it was with a different kind of goal. Reading is cool.

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