22, 23Days of TRUTH_Both are the same

22 Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life.

That something cannot be only one thing because that would be hard to pick just one; of course the one stucked in my head it’s the time that I didn’t listen to my interior voice that told me to stop doing what I was doing because maybe if I had heard at the time; my life may be so different now or maybe the same, but there is no wat to know it. On the other hand; thinking of that is like living in the past unreal (I hate being stucked in the past unreal, but sometimes my life feels like that) So I start imagining how my life could had been if I had listened to that voice inside me and to my surprise or yours, the result of that, I don’t like it; because that would mean that the following would be erased like my children, the fact of growing  young together, the opportunity to see the world through their eyes, to see life from a different perspective like when I see through the eyes of my son who has autism. I guess I would had missed the unexpected first word from a child (kids when they start developing their speach normally their first word is mo or mom, but not in this case, the first word that came from the lips of my little girl was “gracias” which means thanks.) Yeah! For sure I would had missed that if I had listened to the voice.

I’m a believer of the word destiny, I believe that we are meant for certain things and I’m sure that from the beginning of my life; I was meant to be a mother, but if  had listened to that voice I wouldn’t had the children that I have now, meaning they would be different children and not Santiago & Annie. (They drive me crazy but I adore them as well.)

This is my little fellow, he in fact is my heart. I have a connection with him so strongly that nobody can believe it. I see the world trough his eyes and the world is a rainbow of unexpected surprises because of him I know this (sorry for sharing it in spanish, but it is what it is.)

And here it is my little girl and she is my rock, the one that keep me standing. She is in fact what I want to be when I grow up. Did you ever imagine an adult saying that? I don’t think so, but it is in fact my truth. She is most of the times what I want to be and more, I learn from her everyday even when she drives me crazy, I learn.

23 Something you wish you had done in your life

Yeah! It is the same as before and this is why:

The had is the wish of had listened to the voice and the hadn’t is the actual doing that brought me as a result those wonderfull children that I call my kids.

Of course, if I could add something else to the had done in relation to my kids; I wish I had taken those pills sooner, meaning the pills that help your loans to develop as they should.

~ by Montsserrat on February 5, 2011.

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