Day 15



I stoped writing for a while, but then, suddenly something was missing, so I can’t live my life without writing even if it is just a little or not good at all, I need to.



I could live without my kids for a day or two or maybe three, but then I will for sure miss them. Sure they drive me crazy, but they also keep me awake, alive, kind of happy by the sec.

I could live my life without a guy, so far I have done it, but not exactly I always need a glimpse of what if, a glimpse of taste and for sure I need the guy that always appear on my paper while writing, so I guess I can’t

Not candy, food, music, water. It’s a big fat NO that I can’t live without them in my life, but life goes on………

~ by Montsserrat on February 5, 2011.

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