Day 17

Day 17: A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

Well in reality all the books I have read in my life had left me something to reflect on, but from my list I would pick 3 to share with you in this 17th. day of truth. All of them are in spanish, well I read them in that language because in fact they are books that were written in english. Do they change my views, well more a less; more less than more as a matter of fact, but as I said before they kept me reflecting on things, they gave me the sense of wonder, wondering around the idea where my life, my sense of was going, “TOWARDS WHAT?” was the main point of all of this thinking and reflecting. The first book came to my life when I was feeling kind of down or as we say here on Mexico “con las pilas bajas, o bien, arrastrando la banqueta”. After reading it I felt happy and I wanted to stay that way.

The second one came face to face with me by faith because the cover of the book caught my eye and that’s why I both it “God on a Harley” (I guess caught my eye for the word HARLEY) that one was for my heart to read and the third one was a little bit of everything.

And the third one is like remember what you read before? -the book reminded me-

You know books are great, people should read more often, specially in my country and that is the TRUTH of this 17th DAY.

And you know what………This 17th day of truth gave me an idea for a new post to write and post later on so………….

 & hoping to hear from you: “After a while crocodile” by the way I forgot to tell you something here when I was writing this & to know what I missed click here

~ by Montsserrat on February 5, 2011.

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