Day 20

Day 20 ? Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Well if we are talking about the drug of love I am in favor of that one. Sometimes the delicious things of life like candy is a drug for me and I’m all for it. My writing is also my drug, I am fed from it, but I don’t think this question or particular reflection is about that right?

Drugs: When they are a necesity and there’s no way around it; I guess that’s ok. But if there is the use of drugs in a sense of adiction I think people should, must think twice about it. I don’t care about their excuses because there is no excuse, it is just totally wrong.

Alcohol: From time to time having a drink it’s not such a bad idea. The exageration of its use that is the problem and it is just stupid. To have fun you don’t need alcohol to do it, if you are not going to be responsable on your drinking; it’s better not doing it at all. To tell the truth you don’t need alcohol; you just need to have the guts to do so.

I guess these subjects are not my thing.

~ by Montsserrat on February 5, 2011.

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