(BTW) = By the way

By the way do you believe in signs? Maybe it is silly believing in them but I do, even though signs have failed me so far, leting me down, but I still believe. Yesterday by faith I watched the rest of a really great movie call: Miss Potter and it is about the story of this writer “Beatrix Potter” , she used to write stories for children. While watching the movie, my mom decided to search for her, to read a little bit about her life and she found a lot of stuff, but what she mentioned first is that died on my birthday (December 22nd.); from another year, of course, but on the same day. That caught my eye and my ear, then my mom said out loud that this lady got married at the age of 40 something. And I don’t know why I started thinking that maybe I will find him later in my life. Maybe I need to live the old dream that I used to have, that was that I wanted to enjoy getting my own appartment, my own furniture and enjoy all of that first and now enjoy my kids and then the guy that I haven’t met yet but that I know by heart will find me and take me and got me on a picture right next to him.

~ by Montsserrat on February 7, 2011.

One Response to “(BTW) = By the way”

  1. Signs are all around us for sure. I totally agree, Mine seem to always seem to come in song and play on the radio when I am in a store or in a car.

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