26Day of Truth


That above it’s the reflection of the day on this 26th. day of truth, but I’m going to give it a twist because the other day or some reflections of truth ago I gave this answer, so the twist would be:


I must confess that almost everyday I want to give up. I mean, my son doesn’t feel like eating then I give up; why cooking then, but no, he has to eat sometime. Something doesn’t turn out the way I was planning or expecting so then I give up; why make plans if they are always going to fail, but no, they have to work out someday. I find someone, I feel love, I give it all, I love and then nothing happens so; I give up on the idea of love, love is not meant for me, but no, maybe it’s me, maybe I am not ready. I need balance and maybe then I will find love and love will find me and decide to stay this time and not go away no more.

One way or another we are always giving up, but also one way or another we always get back on the horse. Sooner or later we realize the mistake that we made or the one we are making. I guess giving up is part of life, but it must be just for one moment, then breath, then wake up to reality and do something about it.

I know that at the moment I have no real job, but this is my job. My blog is my way to tell the world out there what I can do, what I think, what are my ideas, why I consider myself to be a writer, to be a creative person, one that is commited to whatever it takes to get to her goals.

I know that now I’m single with no love from a partner next to me, but I had known love, shapes of love. Everytime that I’m with the expression in my head that says out loud: “Down with Love”, something happens like when I met Axel, when I had that date with Michelle, when I heard from Gregory’s lips that he loved me, when Arturo asked me to dance, when I met Josafat, when I had that unexpected encounter with Jesse, when I said yes to Miguel to be his girlfriend, when I had my December love, when Edgar took my gift as something really especial and call me afterwords, when I got the kiss that I wanted from Obed, Julio. Yeah! All of those moments told me really loud, don’t give up on love, we were not the ones and in fact there is no one, there is someone that is waiting to find you, waiting for you to be ready to be loved, to love.

And as a mother I may not be perfect, but I am trying and sometimes I see the light and realize that everything will be ok. I guess what I’m saying is that So from now on I will be wearing this t-shirt as a symbol of this new path:

~ by Montsserrat on February 9, 2011.

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