27Day of truth

What’s the best thing going on with you right now?

Well to answer that I don’t need to think that much or to write that much because it is in fact my writing thing. I really do believe that I’m great at it, that I will never be a white page, that I had soooooo much to give this world in my writing, give another entire world of ideas and creativity. I may be forever the far away girl or the unperfect in so many things, but I do know how to write and




My head is so full that I need to let out stuff so please let me do it like this:

there is a tomorrow

if there is a tomorrow

but I am enjoying my today



Yeah! That is right one says love and love with all your heart, give it all; doesn’t matter if it seems that you are going so fast, if you doi it you will never in doubt you will just know it and the other one says just stop it before is too late, don’t you remember last time?


And in HOPE I live my life; is that so wrong? Better to hope that not feel don’t you think?


So I decide to live the dream of to dare to dream for a better dream and then wake up and live the dream for real.

~ by Montsserrat on February 9, 2011.

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