Odd conversation but a cute one in fact…

Odd conversation, but a cute one in fact between a guy wearing a hat and a lady that is not through the WEB:

She: Cute Hat, look good Can I take the hat for a ride

He: Thanks, I like it.

She: Good that you do. BTW Why did you reply?

He:Mostly I was just curious. It was such an odd question/thing. As to where I wanted it to go, no idea. Not really into Cyber if that is what you were looking for. It was interesting though.

She: Sorry for the delay I was writing on my blog. You look pretty cool, the hat fits you really well. I’m not into the cyber thing either.

He: Glad to hear it. So what you get up to for fun?

She: A lot of things I do for fun when there is the time. Things like this I do for fun…….Sometimes research for my writing. By the way I was wondering what would you say if we were face to face, you are wearing the hat & I tell you: “Can I take the hat for a ride?”I know curiosity kill the cat but I really would like to know, LOL

Thanks for replying, kisses

He: I would probably ask you what you mean by “Can I take the hat for a ride?”

She:Well I guess that would be my way to break the ice and when you ask that I would just smile and let you guess the answer.What do you say to that? Thanks for replying, best of best, kisses

He: I guess my reply would be. “As long as you cover the bus fair.”

She: That’s not fair I’m a lady here; but because you look so cute maybe I will make an exception. You know there’s a great place on the other side of town, care to join me and before you say anything I take the hat from you and put it on.

So, now I’m really curious what would you say to this……..Really thanks a lot for replying, I must say you keep my imagination on a high level…..LOVE THAT

He: I suppose, “I suppose I must come along, after all I had better keep you and my hat out of trouble.”

She: You are great at this, but at the moment I have nothing to continue, but tell me just for curiosity: Why you kept replying? (I’m glad, but wonder)Where would you like the next scene to be on? (That is if you still want to continue with this? No matter your answer, thanks for the last replys

He: I guess I kept replying because I was curious how this will follow or will continue, about that scene, I really don’t know. This was in fact your idea. 

She: Still no idea here about the next step, but I like that you are in the tune of curious. You know we can put this into writing, what do you say?

He: Sure go write ahead, also a writer here and those sort of things do keep the mind sharp. So feel free, I would like that.

~ by Montsserrat on February 9, 2011.

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