29Day of truth

Something you hope to change about yourself and why, that is the reflection of the day and it is not so hard to know the answer because I’ve been thinking about it and how to do it and that is my figure and the reason it’s because I want to feel sexy, feel good, well I feel good now, but a little extra wouldn’t hurt right? I may also change something that is always causing me troubles and that is my obsession with the web and when I meet those shapes of love, change the fact of falling for them when I shouldn’t, yeah! Change all that and I will be a new whole person.

About the web, even though it brings me joy and a sense of having a job, it causes trouble here with my family; especially my mom. So I guess moderation is the key or a new laptop.

And the last thing I mentioned, I need to change that because then my heart and my head next to my soul would act as friends instead of fighting with eachother.

Let’s see what the change would bring to me. Let’s wait and see.

~ by Montsserrat on February 11, 2011.

One Response to “29Day of truth”

  1. When I wrote the title of that movie “Stranger than fiction” & watched the trailler I remembered a poem that I wrote using some words that I heard in the movie. Emma Thompson’s character said: “Little did he know”, but I say & wrote “Little did I know” & I continue and it goes like this:

    The days are passing by us
    And you still don’t dare
    To hold my hand
    To kiss my cheek
    To call me sweet

    The days are passing by us
    And I wink at you
    Nothing in return
    Not even
    Just one hello

    The days are passing by us
    And by accident my skin
    Touches yours
    And still nothing in return

    The days are passing by us
    And I just can’t wait
    For you to give
    The first step

    So I will wait
    For the night to appear
    To kidnap you
    And take you here

    Here close to my chest
    For you to hear my heart’s thoughts
    They are naughty today
    Let see how you respond

    Little did I know
    That this was your plan
    From the beginning
    When you notice me
    Passing by

    Little did I know
    That hard to get
    Was your game all along
    Little did I know

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