Twister (another way to see it)

By a twister move
I found myself
Really close to you
Under and over you
I picture it really well
My skin all over yours
Who said a twister game
It’s not a fun thing to do
On a friday night
Was crazy at heart
If that person could see
What was going on
Inside my head
By playing this game.

After time of playing
I guess I call it to happen
The game was over
But it was even funnier
And in fact more exciting.
All of us playing fell on the floor
But not me
I fell on you
And my hand…… well you know.

By the second
My eyes meet yours
I felt a kiss coming
But I was wrong.

The night came to an end
I was walking towards the door
Saying goodnight to all
Until you hand stop me
To continue moving on;
Then I turned, it was you
Saying please don’t go.

So I waited for all our friends to leave
Then just you and me
All alone…….Suddenly
Out of nowhere
I felt my skin on the twister floor
I felt it coming
And this time
I was not wrong…………..

~ by Montsserrat on February 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Twister (another way to see it)”

  1. I feel very giggly that you chose me to read and share you talent. I have to confess that you some how have reawaken my passion for poetry, and I thank you for it. From now on don’t be surprise if I send you way
    y la mire partir
    a una rosa
    my head is full of ideas, and if history repeats it self I won’t let time rush me to what i have to write. I thank the lord that you show on my path. please don’t rush on your endings your idea is very pintoresca and full of pictures but you lost me on the ending.

    with love you friend in Christ Valerio Catulo

    • Gigly I get, but how is that I lost you at the end of it? I’m really glad I opened an old door that trows you into poetry again. Yeah! Don’t rush it!!!!

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