A lesson before dying

A lesson before dying

One of the lessons that for sure I would like to learn before I die is the one that says when to keep my mouth quiet and not let any kind of sound came out from it. You have the right to speak, to say, to tell, to talk when you start to just listen. Yeah! I need to just listen first and just that and nothing else, maybe if I do I would safe myself of so many trouble. Sometimes one needs to be quiet. My Grandpha used to say that when you have nothing good to say keep quiet, don’t say anything at all. My uncle Joe use to say that when you made the mistake of talk don’t try to fix it; just keep quiet and let it go, let the flaw take care of it. My aunt Ursula used to say that the best way to deal with conversations between generations is to think before you speak, like try to see ahead of time what would happen if you say that or that to the person in question, use your brain that’s why God gave you one, you can do it. But all of those lessons are hard to keep track of them. They know about it because they are old people, but I guess it’s not about that at all, but still it is hard. I wonder if people out there that don’t have the ability of speaking…….. Do they get in trouble like I do when I open my mouth and talk? OMG! Am I in trouble now?

~ by Montsserrat on February 26, 2011.

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