Broken Music

Hi there! A few weeks ago I decided that one of my projects of writing will be to take the tittle of a book and make it mine, give it a twist and that’s what I’m about to do just now.

Broken Music

John used to like to play the piano everytime he heard his radio, to everything he heard on it, he knew how to play something for it. How was that possible? Her mother asked him once and he said that it was easy because all the words in this world have their own tone, their own music and melody. It was amazing what he could do for inspiration. Those days were the days of glory because then his radio got broken and then he was, he turned to be into a broken music fellow. Her mother bought him another radio, but it wasn’t the same, it didn’t feel the same. He neede the old radio, he needed his friend so from that day on he was broken music until he met Amy; she became her new radio, but she was not into him, he bother her with so much music, she couldn’t stand him playing everytime she decided to speak, it was kind of unbelieveable that he knew she was talking or saying anythin at all, but it was like he had a super power ear. Amy tried to avoid him at any cost; I guess because she figured out about his super power and the coincidence between she speaking and he playing. Once she went to far to avoid him that she lost the sound of her voice. It was not going to be forever, but she thought that she was going to enjoy this time of quietness, but guess what when she decided to read; he started playing his piano, but this time instead of getting upset at it she fall in love with him.

~ by Montsserrat on February 27, 2011.

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  1. Broken Music…

    […]Her mother asked him once and he said that it was easy because all the words in this world[…]…

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