Harmony Body Project

Well, I want my body to be in totally harmony and that’s why I created this project for me that it is around 30Days plan of different kind of exercise. You see the other day I had a conversation with the mirror by being naked and I didn’t like what he told me (why the mirror is a he; I really don’t know)

So well, after that conversation I decided to start again with a project of 30Days with different kind of exercises and diffrent kind of doing them. I remember what happened the other time that I got bored with the routine and quit doing it; so I talked again with the mirror, but this time with clothes on (I guess because I knew it was a he and not a she)

The conversation wen along like this:

Me: You know what I get bore really fast when I start doing exercises. It’s there way that you know to avoid that ever happen again?

Mirror: Well, I guess you should see it as a 30Days Project and talk about it, write about it, see it as an asignment.

Me: Oh, Yeah! That’s a really cool idea, but you know do you think I should start doing the same as before?

Mirror: Well the routine that you had before was not that bad at all, but I guess you can mis it up with other kind of exercises that you for certain know.

Me: I guess you are right. What else should I do? Tell me the ideas that come to your haid right now.

Mirror: Why don’t you divide the whole package of exercises that you know during the day. See at the exercises differently like. Well I guess when you do your housework you are doing exercise, soon enough your son, Santiago, is going to leave his cast behind so you can start picking Annie up from school and that is walking. And because that would happen I guess walking is going to be the main ingredient of this mixing up.

Me: Is that enough?

Mirror: Well, doctors will tell you that you need a diet, that only means besides from eating right, that you need to balance your food, that you need certain kind of  food in your meals, but I guess it all depends on your life style of economics, because you know I like to be realistic as you know.

Me: Yeah! Believe me I know, but what do you mean with life style?

Mirror: Well I meant, how much do you have for food? Do you have time to cook everyday? Are there in the family picky eaters? How many people in your family need the harmony body package? I mean how many need or must loose some kilos? Yeah! Doctors, specialists will tell you other stuff, but I see at reality and those are the excuses that people use, but instead of seeing them as excuses I see them as life style. The thing is that you start doing something. And you need to start by asking yourself the following questions. How bad you want it? Why do you want it? Why do you expect from it?

Me: OMG! You are good!!!!

Mirror: I’m trying my best to be. Seeing at reality face to face and seeing those excuses as life style comes to mind the words moderation, avoid, do and drink. By the way it is also important to change the way you do certain things like how much walking you do? How much sitting down you do? How much being in bed you do?

Me: Well I consider myself to be the walking type person and I remember last time it really work that for me. It took a while, not that long and I got to be size 9, I want to be that size again and keep it.

Mirror: You can do it!!!!!!

Me: YEAH!!!!! 

~ by Montsserrat on March 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Harmony Body Project”

  1. Walking is the way to go. I find I enjoy the gym the most if I just use the equipment for walking rather then the weights for toneing.

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