My lucky stars

My lucky stars are without a doubt my kids, they are my charms of luck, well when I see them with those eyes because other timesw they are just my kids and I love them, but soooooo many times they drive me crazy. But it is strange; for the moment that they were born I saw at the world with different eyes, i saw the blue in the grey, the bad in the good. Little details here and there, small details have always been amazing for me someway or another, but now when they appear they are more amazing than never before. I learn from my lucky stars almos everyday and they most of the times surprise me like the other day; my little girl was running her campaign of taking care of the water and don’t throw away garbage, she even told another boy, “don’t throw garbage, hey kid pick it up”, that is amazing. My lucky stars are the love of my life

~ by Montsserrat on March 3, 2011.

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