Babyhood was a kind of neighborhood that was call that way because after a six months of married couples living there; all of them felt the need, the desire to have babies and once they started they have them. You arrive there and it was like arriving to babyhood land. All of them were happy, until a couple arrive and everything change. This couple wanted to start a family of their own, but so far after six months of trying, nothing at all. Then they heard about this place and decided to move there. They try and try and try again and nothing. What was going on, why all the rest of the couples that live there and have lived there were having babies or being parents and they were not? Was there something that they were doing wrong, they asked everybody, but no, they were doing all the things right exactly as the rest or quite like them with the exception that they never went swimming to the lake. Was that the thing, was that the main ingredient to get pregnant? So they started swimming there and nothing. Rose was so upset, she was in the blue mood. Jerry didn’t know what to do; so right then he decided to make her one of her favorite desserts, brownies, chocolate brownies with a twist of  rum. Little by little she ate them all and let out of her feelings, then they made love. Afterwords they decided they were ok being the couple in the middle of babyhood land, they were happy and later on a baby. They didn’t know what was the thing that they did right this time around and didn’t want to find out, they were just happy with the news. They were in love and they are having a baby.

~ by Montsserrat on March 5, 2011.

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