Breaking the surface

Breaking the surface of my own beauty; I’m more than my own beauty I am what I think and what I feel. I am what I see and what I let you see. I am my own voice; a voice full of words ready to be listen, ready to be spoken, I am who I am like it or not. No one can call me negative or positive; that all depends on the moment. I cannot change what I feel, but I can change how I face it. Breaking the surface is giving you the opportunity to see inside my soul that is full of thoughts, memories, experiences that I will never take back and that I will treasure all my life. Breaking the surface is showing the 100% of the real me even if I don’t like it. Breaking the surface is puting all my cards on the table and believe me I’m not hidding any ace of spades, so would you like to break the surface with me?


~ by Montsserrat on March 6, 2011.

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