Serendipity is the name of a really good movie and brings to me the idea of a new adventure to embrace and also let leave everything to faith. There is a scene in the movie when the girl, one of the main characters leaves everything to faith. She is not giving the guy a way to comunicate with her, at least not directly so she leaves behind her adress with her name inside a book and tells him that she is going to give it away so if the book finds him; so the he would know where to find him. She is not asking him to give her his phone number but tells him to write it down on a dollar bill and then she buys some gum and says if this dollar bill finds me; I would know where to find you and that is the adventure that I’m going to embrace and leave it to faith, after writing this I will go and write on “x” bill my celular number saying: “text me to know who you are” let’s see what this new adventure brings to me.

~ by Montsserrat on March 13, 2011.

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