ArE yOu FoLloWiNg Me?

Dear Traveler of mine I know that you are not following me literally, that’s so clear, but I feel that without you even knowing about it you are, but the question is: What does that mean? Or Does it mean anything or nothing at all? Those are the questions kind of like “To be or not to be” thing. You see we are both friends in facebook right? Yeah! We are and sometimes I’m posting a photo album and suddenly when I finished to add the first photos you appear into my screen, not by messenger but by photo on the right side on my screen. When I post a note; especially when it is kind of related to our friendship; you appear again by photo. Remember when we start getting to know one another? Well we talked and mentioned this movie Before Sunrise and I mentioned to you that I had in my music gallery a song from that movie, well it is funny you see, when I’m online I like to listen to my music that I have in my laptop and suddenly when I’m posting something on your wall or making a comment in some of your posts that particular song that I mentioned to you suddenly appears into my ear. I don’t know, but I do think it has to mean something, maybe not that you are the love of my life, but maybe that you could be someone really important so I need to give this kind of friendship that we are having a try.

~ by Montsserrat on August 15, 2011.

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