Challenge – Writing Letters 30 days project (19)

Well I’m on this project of 30 days, another one that I got myself into it and it has been fun and interesting. Recently I haven’t been following dayly because of time issues and other stuff; anyway the other day it was about to write a letter to the person you wish you could be and I refused to do it. I don’t know I guess because it sounded like write a letter to the person that you could never be and you wanted to be, maybe that was not the intention of the activity, but it sounded like that when I read it. On this day is about to write a letter to someone that pesters your mind good or bad, so I went to my google translator because English is not my first language so I didn’t know what pester meant. I did and now I know and understand the word and meaning and again it’s not like the other day, the thing now is that I have nobody like that. If you go by the meaning of pester there’s nobody like that. I have friends that share with me and others positive thinking, good thoughts, things that inspire. Bad stuff is around no matter what I do, but it is not like someone is pestering my mind. I know someone that on her own pesters her mind in the negative way, but thank God recently she has been having good days. But the challenge of today is not write a letter that you know on her or his own way pesters her or his own mind; so no letter today and I find that to be ok, what do you think?

~ by Montsserrat on October 18, 2011.

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