Vision Board

My OWN Vision Board

My own vision board was a need thing to do & I did it, post it here because I’m over here almost all the time & it’s good for the enviroment. It was a need thing because it is time for me to set my goals straight, to send out there into the world that these is what I want and wish & why not say I pray for, because I do.

I’m calling it to happen:

I’m calling it to happen by believing on it. Having faith, this last thing is a fragile thing to do, specially when you don’t get what you want at the moment that you want it. Patience is a virtue & something I need to work on.

I want my son to talk, to tell me for sure his first words, no matter what they are.

Exactly! Why to care about his future words, the deal is to hear him speak. He more a less does it now, but I think it is in fact my wish & desire that hears him, like I understand his own little language. We get each other, sometimes I am with him in silence and I tell him all my secrets and desires. I really don’t know why, but I do. i just imagine what he is going to say when he really speaks, but I’m not afraid. I just can’t wait.

I want for my daughter to get what I’m saying to her.

This is hard to explain, but the deal here is that when I have a discussion with her, trying to explain something to her; she only listens what she wants & sometimes even more. She is my little DIVA, I don’t know why at this short age of hers (9) She says NO, (a really fat NO) to become, to be an actress, even though she does it so well.

I want a home of my own.

This represents so many things in just one package, it means that I was able to get it, that I don’t longer live in an appartment like I’m used to, represents family growing & so many other stuff like maybe I can have there my first surprise party or a party per say, invite my friends over and let them stay, so many things.

I want a car.

Well the car is because I’m tired on depending on the other kind of transportation. I know it represents a lot having a car, but I have dreams that I want to do with the car like travel around my country. It would be tired, but that’s what I want.

I want my bussiness to start and to reach my goals with it.

I want my book to be published.

Even if nobody buys it, well I hope for some to buy it. I really think I have interesting stuff to share. My life is kind of like a book, a novel. All the time or most of the time things that you hear & see at the movies, that you read happen to me.

I want him around. And he knows who he is & I know so I don’t need to show you. I want for him to sing:

I’m yours


Yeah! I want him around. I have a photo phrame that it has been waiting for his photo. He is not the ONE, but he is someone that at the moment I would like to share my life with. I like our story & I know that after reading this you would say that I want the story so bad and that’s why I want him, but no. It is hard to explain, but I will try. In this moment in my life I’m not in the mood of games or wasting my time. I was accepting the fact that I was going to end up alone, but with the deep desire of to be wrong and hear the words: “I told you so”, then he arrived sorrounded by a mistery; meaning: “Who was he?” I liked, loved (love) what he said to me in the middle of the mistery and the details that he remembered from our past. Yeah! We met when we were in junior high together. I didn’t noticed him at all back then, I felt confortable with him around except for the time that I felt that he was going to tell me his feelings; so I run away from that situation. Now, at this present I started notice him. I exchanged messages with him & those messages became my mini book into my celphone. When I start to remember, to read, I can’t stop smiling and I feel butterflies, I feel tickles right down there, I love him. I know it is time to go back to my shores & stop with the messages and I just can’t, he has to be the one to do so and even then I can’t let him go. Does he feel the same way? Well I guess that what happened in junior high is happening now, but now I’m him, but at the same time believe that this he feels deep inside, but doesn’t know how to embrace it. So I need to wait.

I want for this picture to happen for real. All the details from the picture I want them to happen. Can I ask for more? There is a couple, a home, a kiss and I am thin.I want to be happy, even if sadness is flying near my house.I want for my angel Axel to come back, to show him that he gave me something really especial, my story writing thing.This is just the start……..Just the start because I also want music in my life.I want to be less complicated.I want to embrace what the world gives me, even if it is good or bad, but I hope for the good. I always want to find the way out of things.     I always want to take risks if that means that it would take me to really something really good and yummy.I want to be the best mom for my kids, the one that they need.I WANT TO BE 

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